Am I missing something simple? mitisubishi outlander 200 on 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander

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mitisubishi outlander 2009, the ABS and brake warning lights come on from time to time and the break lights and parking lights come on at the same time but do not turn off when the car is off. If you turn the light switch on and off a couple of times the lights will go off. The break fluid level is ok.
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have abs codes sacnned and post so we can adv. the light issue may not be related. that may be a headlight switch issue or wiring
It was something simple! A few days before I had the problems the tires were rotated. I checked the lug nuts prior to spending the better part of $100 to have the car computer checked for codes and found on set of lug nuts on one wheel had not been tighted. Now all the warning lights are out and have stayed out for days. I wonder if there is a code for "have you had the lug nuts checked"? Thanks for all the help from everybody!
I agree with greg it could be a bad speed sensor but until you get the abs code its hard to say
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