Alternator removal on 2003 BMW X5

Removed the fan clutch and shroud. Removed the belt tensioner pulley and the six bolts around the retaining ring that holds the alternator in the housing. Removed th electrical connections. Seems there is nothing holding the alternator in the car, but it still doesn't budge. Can't get the retaining ring off or budge the alternator. Is there some trick to this? I'm guessing that there is a gasket in between the alternator and the housing since it is water cooled, but I wouldn't think there is anything holding the retaing ring to the alternator. That doesn't seem to budge either. Any suggestions?

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Great information, can anyone else out there confirm this information for the alternator removal on a 2003 BMW X5?
This should save anyone doing this work a few hours of frustration. Even the BMW dealer won't tell you the top and the bottom of the alternator there are two small holes next to the bolt holes that hole the alternator to the housing. Use a 5mm .8 pitch bolt in each hole and it will catch some threads inside there and pust the alternator free of the houseing...
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It should be out when you loosen all the ten bolt infront,just pull will be some how tough cuz of the gasket glue