Alternator Problem on 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, I had an accident with this car and the alternator broke. The original one was a Valeo 13.5V and 130 Amps sins I could not get one on this island i put one of 12V and 120 amps but seems like it's not charging at all. once the car is idling it charges max. 12.6V, when I turn the ligths on with fog it goes 12.2V and once I turned the ac and the cooling fans IT goes to 10.9V or less and once it drops it doesn't charge the batt back up and by turning off the car it wont start back. Can someone tell me a solusion for this car? I tried several alternator from 90 to 120 Amps but nothing helped. the onlything i did not tried yet is a 13.5V and 120 or 130 Amps. The one i have now is a 12V 120Amps. Need some help please cause I only can drive my car during the day without ac OR LIGHT EVEN SO IT MIGHT KILL THE BATT.

by in Miami, FL on September 18, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 18, 2009
Not on a Hyundia but a Nissan Sentra I came across a car that car originally equipped with an alternator that when all the electrical loads on the amperage draw was equal to the maximum alternator out put which meant the alternator was always under load and the vehicle required a very good battery. Charge and test your battery, both High rate discharge test and hydrometer test where applicable. If the maximum voltage at the alternator is just over 12 volts it sounds like the voltage regulator is bad. If by chance you have the original alternator or call an old fashion alternator and starter re builder, (local yellow pages or internet search) explain your problem they can rebuild your alternator or upgrade the alternator you have. Higher performance alternators are available for example limousines and Ambulances that have higher electrical needs.
ANSWER by on July 01, 2015
I had same problem loose ground @ driver inside fender looked tight but wasent ground from batt to body@ body loose bolts stripped
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