alternator not charging on 1996 Mazda B2300

i have a 1996 mazda 2300, it was making a sqealing noise when first cranked up and if i turned the heat or air on it would worsen, but after it got warm it would stop. Now it will not keep a charge.

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What is happening is your drive belt(s) are squealing because the belts either need to be adjusted or replaced. Turning on the A/C compressor adds additional work for the belt, which makes is squeak even more. When the belts are really bad, the alternator will not charge the battery properly, causing the battery problems you are having.
I would have the drive belts checked, and they will likely need to be adjusted and/or replaced. You will also want to have the battery and alternator checked to make sure they are operating OK.
Good Luck, let us know what you find!
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Replace all you drive belts.
You know sinautoscan you are the reason why I stopped helping people on this website, because of your stupid solution to help this person with a Mazda 2300. I can't believe anybody would recommend using stop squeal on the belts!!!!!
check the drive belts they sell a stop squeak this may solve the noise temporary
The Drive Belt needs to be tightened... simple. There is a tensor adjuster that you need to turn with an open end wrench to fix the tension of the Belt. When my drive belt fell off due to driving into a snowbank I put it back on myself and resolved the sqeeking issue cause i did not have the belt tight enough myself...1/8th of a full turn and she was tight