Chevrolet Express 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Express 1500 Noise and/or Dead Battery Due to failed Alternator

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The alternator may fail causing the battery to go dead. The charge light on the dash may or may not illuminate. The alternator may also develop an abnormal noise. A failed alternator will require replacement.

My Battery keeps dying. Something is draining the power. I have replaced the ignition switch and the problem persists. I have also tried to trouble shoot the problem by removing the Fuse to select components. Still I have a dead battery. I have replaced the battery several times, I must disconnect the battery when I am not driving the van. I get use my Van on rare occasion. -
I was seven hours away from home,$500 repair, it was done in four hours. -
Alternator checks good at the auto store but Volt meter on dash reads less than 14amps and when checking alternator on car with a handheld volt meter jumps from 11.7 to 14.5amps -
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