1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Q&A

1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max Question: alternator keeps going out

I have replaced 2 alternators in a week, everything checks out fine , fuses are ok and properly installed, maybe someone has had a simular problem ? -
Answer 1
I have the same problem I changed 2 alternator in 3 weeks , and today my car died on my driveway. If you find what was the problem with your car, please let me know, i am desperate cause I spend a lot of money and the same problem is coming back over and over again. Please send me a mesage to simonamathe@yahoo.com. Thank you. -
Answer 2
Look at the answer I submitted on the post "idle shutdown" that is were u need to start looking. Let me know how it goes x.cypro@gmail.com -