1995 Lexus GS300 Q&A

1995 Lexus GS300 Question: alternator keeps blowing

I put in a new battery,new alternator,checked the wiring to the charging circuit and can't find what is causing the alternator to fail has anyone had this problem? I'am lost my E-mail is charlottemadison@sbcglobal.net -
Answer 1
could be the brand of alternator. you can never go wrong with a factory reman. Roy -
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I bought the alternator from O'reillys auto parts it is an 80amp could this be the problem -
Answer 2
i have a 95 GS300 and was replacing alternators regularly. Come to find out i had a leak in my power steering fluid (i think) that sits above the alternator. The leaking fluid was then shorting out the alternators without my knowledge. Check the overflow cradle that sits above the alternator for fluid. This could be your culprit as well. good luck... -
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Thanks I had a power steering problem and some leaks I will check that -