1998 Kia Sephia Q&A

1998 Kia Sephia Question: alternator belt

how do you change an alternator belt? -
Answer 1
If you are going to take on a job like this, get a repair manual and read the repair instructions, figure out what tools and parts you will need, then if you have specific questions, post them. -
Answer 2
the alt belt broke and there is another belt i have to take off my question is how do i get that belt off is there a tension spot i can use or how do i do this -
Answer 3
how do I change aletner belt and get a digram of it -
Comment 1
this just happen to me and you would think I could find a damn diagram but NO you have to register with all these auto repair places which i think is very stoopid. ive replaced it before but had some one do it for me well this time i have to do it mysel, and its an act of congress to get a diagram...jeez folks i thought this was called the web and thought you could find everything...even google give me some stoopid suggestions ugh plus i am slightly disabled and all i need is a small diagram so i can print it out...why is this sooooooo difficult -
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