Alternator on 2006 Volvo S40

I took my volvo s40 2006 in for service due to the car not starting. It also had a message for the alarm needing resetting. Unfortunatly, the results are that I need a alternator and battery with a price tag of $1,325. I was told that I would be getting an "updated alternator which is bigger than the factory one and to note that because the new alternator is bigger I also have to update the AC suction line.It seems hard to find the factory alternator, but if I can find one should I put the factory one(which the ac suction line does not have to be changed)or just pay the BIG price for the update?

by in Richmond, VA on July 29, 2010
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ANSWER by on August 03, 2010
Is this a dealership telling you this? Or an Independent?
COMMENT by on August 03, 2010
Dealership. This alternator was updated March 2010.
COMMENT by on August 03, 2010
If the dealer only has the updated alternator then that is probably the one that should be used. I suggest asking Volvo for assistance for this repair, especially since the updated part is requiring additional costs. It doesn't hurt to ask and they may offer to pay for part of the repair. Did you get an extended warranty with the vehicle?
COMMENT by on August 03, 2010
unfortunatly we didn't get an extended warranty. I did sent an email to Volvo customer service and to my surprise they did call an left a message. I will call and hopefully they will assist with the repair. The car is at 68,000 miles.
COMMENT by on February 20, 2011
Make sure its not something simple like the voltage regulator on the alternator. Make sure you mechanic checked the voltage drop from the starter to the battery and the voltage/ground cables for continuity
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