alternator? on 1998 Hyundai Sonata

My car doesnt start but the lights and everything turn on. I was told its the alterntor but want to be sure before I buy the part. Is there anything I can do to be positively sure its the alternator?

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Have you tried jump starting the vehicle? Is the battery OK?
You need to have a good battery and a running engine to properly diagnose the charging system, so do that first before even thinking about replacing the alternator. This may best left to a shop, they can test this out in about a half hour.
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First: check if the battery is OK if not change or charge
second: get a muti tester check the voltage of the battery Note: Engine is Running.
It should register 13.8 - 14 volts DC. if below the specified volts@ 13.8 there's something wrong on the alternator voltage regulator.( need to change).
But in regards to your problem I think there something wrong on the starter motor/solenoid. or on the wiring itself./ fuses.