alternator on 1992 Honda Accord

how to replace an alternator for a 92 honda accord

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The alternator on this engine is located at the top, front of the engine near the radiator.Prior to replacing the alternator, disconnect the battery (ensure you have the radio code where applicable). You may have to remove the power steering pump and cruise control actuator if your Honda is so equipped. Remove the main battery cable from the alternator and disconnect the remaining electrical plug from the rear of the alternator casing. Remove the alternator belt adjusting hardware and long bolt on which the alternator pivots. Replace the alternator, refit items in reverse order, reattach the fan belt, tensioning the belt correctly, reconnect the battery and start the engine. When replacing and alternator ensure you initially start the engine using a fully charged battery to prevent damage to your new alternator. After running the vehicle for several minutes, switch off the engine, engine the fan belt is tensioned correctly. With the engine switched off and the ignition key in the "on position" the red battery light on the instrument panel should illuminate, when the engine is started the battery light should go out to indicate the alternator is charging.
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some of the things stated in the last 2 answers are correct as to how to take the bolts out to remove the altenator but , you also have to first remove the power steering pump in order to get the alt. out from the position its in . you dont have to completely take the power steering pump out just remove bolts and lift it up to the side carefully . afte you take it out the reverse method to put back in .
You can check out Autozone's website, they offer free repair guides online or maybe consider buying a repair manual from the local auto parts store. From the manuals, it looks like the alternator is mounted down low and some things need to be removed to gain access. I've found that online forums can be really helpful with how-to write-ups
If its the one i think it is you can remove the alt. bracket first then the alt. will come out the easiest way.