alternator on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

can u tell me how to get the darn thing out ive got it loose and im trying to get it out of the car someone said thru the wheelwell but that aint even close to getting it out ive got almost enough room out to the top but its about 1/4 too wide any help i need to get this thing out tu wjh

This is from Removal & Installation

Remove or disconnect the following:

Negative battery cable

Air cleaner lid

Inlet Air Temperature (IAT) sensor and make-up hose

Upper alternator adjustment lock nut, loosen only

Right front wheel

Splash shield

Support bracket

Lower pivot bolt, loosen only

Drive belt T-bolt, loosen only

Alternator wiring connectors

Alternator belt

Axle retaining nut

Lower control arm from the steering knuckle

Axle shaft

Lower mounting bolt from the upper adjustment bracket


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Fig. Remove the lower pivot bolt from the alternator

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Fig. The removal and installation of the alternator

To install:

Install or connect the following:


Alternator drive belt

Axle shaft

Lower control arm to the steering knuckle

Lower ball joint nut and torque the nut to 70 ft. lbs. (95 Nm)

Axle retaining nut and torque the nut to 120 ft. lbs. (163 Nm)

Support bracket

Alternator electrical connectors and torque the B+ terminal nut to 100 inch lbs. (11 Nm)

Splash shield and right front wheel

Right front wheel

Upper pivot nut and torque to 40 ft. lbs. (54 Nm)

Negative battery cable

Air cleaner lid, IAT sensor and make up hose
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Im looking for a 2004 alternator for pt crusier turbo I live in fountain valley ca. cant find one anywhere at a reasonable price