Also about my gas content on 1996 Dodge Ram 2500

Is It possible Ill have to change the evap canister if I found the black soot in my gas?

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do you have a ck eng light on?if so scan codes and post so we can adv
no codes I went out there this morning a started right up 37 degrees no snow, light rain rather warm, i was at an angle and I got it to drive with my foot on the petal VERY lightly, If I give i gas, like half petal its like Im forcing it and it cuts off again. start it up and put it in drive from the pull of the start up it will roll forward and I have to love tap the gas, like giving the engine 3 tablespoons, but it idled til i cut if off after gettin it leveled and would idle up and down as it ran in park, like every 5 seconds the engine would rev and go back down. shakes under my foot and after starting in the inside i could here after 5 second of running a slight hissing towards the passager side. Under the hood I dont. Itll run like that til I put in drive, or cut if off but too much pressure on the petal cuts it off, will run and idle without my foot. No color smoke for muffler just clear and no codes, I reset the computer since the code 46 and having seen it again it ran long enough for the computer to read. TPS? IAC? MAP?- It fall dead on face with gas Im thingking tps- thank you so much Im actually enjoying this and to get the 50pressure idle is there anything I can do without a fuel pressure tester?
Find that 'slight hissing towards pass. side' , that may be the problem.
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