Alright mazda gods who can solve this one? No start. No spark. on 1999 Mazda 626

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So I'm having no spark. Changed coil pack and spark plug wires as well as crank sensor. I am getting fuel and compression as well as a fully charges battery. Also am getting 12 volts to the coil power wire connecter. But not getting any juice to the other 3 wires on the wire connecter. Don't know where the ignition control module or pcm are on this car or what wires to check. Thanks in advance.
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try you have codes?
The only codes that did show up were no rpm signal. Kind of a vague code. But I did change the crank sensor. No change.
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poss dist issue. do you have signal from dist
This is distributorless. Just a coil pack crank sensor cam sensor and ecu.
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is there a ign control under coil pak?
No sir. I looked at wiring diagram and the coil pack has 4 wires one is hot wire other 3 go to ignition control unit on this model.both crank and cam sensors seem to be outputting voltage during cranking.
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