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2005 Mercury Montego Question: All Wheel Drive Malfunction



Visitor, Elyria, OH, May 21, 2010, 14:58

My warning light comes on indicating AWD Malfunction after I have been driving the car for about an hour, and it stays on until I shut the car off. Has anyone had this happen on there car? I would like some feed back before I go into the dealer and get hosed for $300.00 sensor?

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    Visitor, August 11, 2010, 16:08

    Don't buy the sensor. We did, it didn't help. It's the transmission going out. Dump that car as soon as possible, and get something different. Ours went till the AWD system Failure light came on, then failsafe engine mode and yellow wrench, then check engine light too. All in about 4 weeks from first light to last. We traded it the day the last 2 lights came up within an hour of each other.

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