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2006 Buick Rendezvous Question: all wheel drive disables

My all wheel drive disables its self with the light coming on and the abs light coming on with it when im driving and sometines when i just back out of my drive way... So i stop it turn the engine off and restart it and it resets its self.. what could becausing this and what needs to be done to fix it.... Thanks!!!! -
Answer 1
While driving, the air conditioner will stop working, then the AWD light and battery light lights on the dash. Once it is parked, the gear shift will not move from Park. I cannot get it into either reverse or drive, and the battery stays lit. Leaving the car rest for at least 45+ minutes, and I can start it up and move the gear shift into reverse or drive. I called OnStar when this happened and asked them to run a diognostic test. They told me that the AWD is not connecting. I received a notice from OnStar in May stating that the AWD needed immediate attention, but when I had it checked, there was no issue. I called Buick and have lodged a complaint. I will be leaving my car with a dealer but Buick is going to have to cover most of any repairs. There is only 60780 miles on this 2004 Rainier. I believe it is a computer issue - electrical - and the computer needs to be updated, corrected, whatever. Computers belong on desks, not cars. -
Answer 2
The all wheel drive light comes on and stays on,The ABS light comes on also.I've changed the Rotors and the hubs on all 4 wheels and it still comes on. Thanks> -
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