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All Pro Muffler & Brakes
July 15, 2013

I want to like them - I really do. I like Keith (owner). Have gone there several times, but had a few issues. First, replaced plugs & wires, and they didn't take the time to properly mount the wires - left them laying across manifold, and had to replace them a month later at my hometown shop because they had melted & cracked in places from the heat of the engine. Keith did refund me the price of the parts, but not labor because he refused to accept responsibility - said it must have been "bad parts". Then I took my car in for an AC check & oil change, and 4 days later I had "low oil pressure" and a dry dipstick - turns out they used an oversized drain plug (old one was stripped) but didn't have it threaded correctly so I leaked oil for 4 days without realizing it. Also, he couldn't find any AC leaks, but he recharged it & added stop leak. It started making a funny noise when starting cold and stalled out when running the defrost one morning, & I took it back in - they still couldn't find a problem. I picked it up & drove it 200 miles away to a seminar, and ended up stranded when the AC compressor blew. Cost me $700 in parts, labor, & towing costs, along with a one day delay of my trip being stuck 200 miles from home - 3 weeks after it was in for the original AC check, and 24 hours after bringing it back in for further inspection after it stalled + weird noise. Now I discover that the stop leak could've actually caused the blowout of the AC system. Makes me sad, because I wanted to like them & need a reliable place in Midtown Omaha. But I guess the search continues.

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