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All Pro Automotive
January 13, 2010

Best shop in town, work on all the cars in my family. Even took a call from me broke down in Alabama, Randy walked me thru a road side band-aid patch so I could make it back to Jacksonville for proper repair. I sure they have saved me and my family a lot of time headaches and not to mention MONEY. Randy has NEVER tried to sell me somthing that was not needed, they might make a recomendation, that down the road, brakes will need service, but you are OK for another 5K miles. Awsome!

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All Pro Automotive
August 21, 2009

I really like the guys at All Pro.
No run around, just the facts.
Keep me and everthing else that relys on my car up and running.
No BS just what I need and fast. One day for major brake work. Great Guys!

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All Pro Automotive
February 17, 2009

Honest, Quick and even gave me a ride to the office. After having a tire store try to sell me a new freaking Jeep, these guys fixed what was actually wrong!!! HUNDEREDS LESS!!!

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All Pro Automotive
August 30, 2015

My 1995 Nissan Maxima has had a few issues in the past and All Pro has always been more than great with fixing them. They found the cause of the problem very quickly and fixed it fast. The cost was also a lot less than I anticipated so that was a big bonus too! I recommend this shop to anyone in the Jacksonville, FL area! Erik and Randy are respectful, honest workers

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All Pro Automotive
December 30, 2009

All Pro Automotive defrauded me $641.52! I own a 1999 Volvo V70 stationwagon with about 149K miles which I bought new and have always had serviced and repaired at Volvo dealerships. Being recently divorced and a single mom of 2 on a fixed income, I looked for a nearby repair place on the internet & found All Pro in Atlantic Beach. Big mistake! When I took my car to them I was very specific about telling them all the symptoms (ABS, brake, flashing upward pointing orange arrow, and check-engine lights all came on randomly, the speedometer needle occasionally dropped to zero and stopped working, and the overall and trip mileage readings disappeared on the odometer and the numbers turn to dashes, and sometimes when I press on the gas petal while the dashboard lights are on, the car barely moves off the ground and I have to push down hard on the gas petal to get it to move & then it would suddenly sprint forward and accelerate to the speed that my foot was accelerating to). After renting a car fm Enterprise for 2 days they call me to tell me that my car had been fixed and the bill was $641.52 for the diagnostic testing and replacing 2 sensors. I pay, leave, get gas and drive about 5 to 7 miles when all the dashboard lights and all the same symptoms come back. I take it back to All Pro in the morning and rent another car from Enterprise. The next day they call me to tell me that my car is ready. I get there and the manager, Randy Kerns, tells me that the engine fault code is manufacturer specific and Volvo does not release their code information so they don’t know how to fix my car. This same code and other Volvo specific codes were found during All Pro's initial testing according to the first receipt they gave me, yet they proceed to change 2 bogus sensors, charge me, then tell me they can’t fix my car & that I have to take it to Volvo??? They say that there were 6 fault codes initially and only one now. Not true. I leave there and go to Midas for a free check engine light-on diagnostic scan for engine trouble codes, and they find all the same codes stored in the car’s computer that All Pro stated they found during their initial testing and documented on their first receipt they gave me. Midas also told me that mechanics know to send Volvo car owners to the dealership for repairs when it has to do with engine fault codes. They also told me that All Pro had simply cleared and reset the engine fault codes which is why all the lights didn’t come on right away. I then took the car to the Volvo dealer who stated that all indications and symptoms were classic of a bad ABS module which, when replaced, would clear up all engine codes. Also, one of the sensors that was replaced rarely, if ever, goes bad, and the other had already been replace and upgraded by Volvo previously. After running their control module diagnostics, the trouble codes confirmed that the ABS module needs to be replaced which will clear up all the lights and fault codes. On his website, All Pro states that he fixes both imported and domestic cars and his areas of expertise include electrical systems and anti-lock brake systems (ABS). I do NOT recommend this auto repair shop. Of note, the manager, Randy Kerns, refused to give me my old sensors back because he said that they had already discarded them. When I called the city I was told that the trash was not scheduled to be picked up at that address for another couple of days. When I found out what was legitimately wrong with my car I went back to speak with the owner, Eric Herman, who became crazy angry with me, offered no help and refused to give me a refund. I have since filed a dispute with Visa.

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