All my lights come on and the radio, but the car won't start. on 1997 Honda Accord

It was just all of a sudden one morning it wouldn't start. Headlights, dash lights, radio, windows work all come on. When I turn the key, nothing, no click, no nothing. I checked the battery and connections. I checked the connections to the altenator, as best as i could, I have had the alternator replaced a few years back. Please tell me it's something easy!!!

by in Huntington Beach, CA on March 31, 2013
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 31, 2013
Check for voltage at the starter solenoid when the key is in the 'crank' position. Should be 12 volts (or battery voltage). If not , check for power to and from ignition switch. Make sure it is in park or neutral.Check ALL fuses.
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