Alignment/tire wear problems on 2008 Lexus RX400h

Do 2008 Lexus RX400h models have problems with alignment and early tire wear?

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I think so, I had a 2008 model and replaced my Michelin tires at 20000 miles.
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I have an RX400h 2006. It eats tires.The dealer just shrugs it off. 1st set=11,000 miles. around 20k miles on the second. working on my 3rd set in 75,000 miles. Some quality car. Never again.
I have an 06, My first set lasted less than 12,000 miles. wear on inside edge of both frt tires. Dealer blaimed front end out of alignment,so we had the dealership align the front end. We had the dealer put down the before setting and after settings. They were almost the same, Called Lexus and pitched a B%^#@ and was reimbursed the cost of the alignment.
It comes down to the factory set are very high performance and very soft, this will =fast wear. You have to make a choice, performance or longevity. I have a set of michelins on now. Almost 50,000 miles no issues with no uneven wear patterns
I realize my posting is much later than yours. I'm considering a 2008 Lexus RX400h. Do your thoughts still ring true on tire wear? What tire info can you share? I'm also considering a Lincoln MKX.