2002 Ford Explorer Q&A

2002 Ford Explorer Question: Alarms

When i'm in the house, the car safety alarm keeps going off ... Also inside the car, the "Door Ajar" light is staying on and that alarm is going off ... -
Answer 1
It sounds like a door switch is intermittent causing the alarm to go off. Are you certain all the doors and hatch are closed? Try opening and closing all of the doors/hatch and see if the light goes out. If it doesn't, one of the door switches might be faulty. The switch might be integrated into the door latch so the latch would need to be replaced. It is like that on the Rangers but I'm not sure about the Explorers -
Answer 2
it is a door switch. We had the same problem and took it to the dealer. about $120 later it was all fixed -
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