Alarm keeps going off on 1999 Infiniti G20

My alarm goes off periodically for no apparent reason. I did change the battery in the remote but it still is going off. Does any one know why this is happening

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You probably have a problem in the car's theft-deterrent system. You may need to find an Infiniti or Nissan specialist to get help with it. You could also try an auto electric shop.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
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I had the same problem. Inside the door jamb is a switch that pushes in. When the door is closed, it is pushed in and the interior light goes off and the alarm knows that the door is shut. Check that part. On mine, the rubber cover was pushed to the side, deformed and torn (after 14 years of use). I bought a new one from the dealership for $8, and simply replaced it. The alarm hasn't gone off since. You can either replace the entire sensor switch (25360-41L01 Car Vehicle Door Sensor Switch) or just the rubber cover (Nissan 25368-6P000 Door Switch Cover).