airmatic suspension has failed on the passenger side ,driver side ok on 2006 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

how can i fix the airmatic suspension ? its says raising the car ,but it want raise on the passenger side and when driving its says stop car to low, it just started yesterday

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ABC and air-mattic suspension problems, like the one you are experiencing, are common. There are many different causes for these problems. The problem could be caused by anything from a bad shock, leaking line, valve distribution block malfunction, compressor, ect.. I recommend having a professional diagnose and repair your issue. In addition, if the suspension does not come up with the vehicle running, you should have it towed to prevent any further damage.
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I just had the same problem. Front /right side lowered, got the same warning and had it towed. Hope the warranty that I bought with the car will cover it. I heard the sound of air while the car was trying to lift the suspension ... I hope this is good news. There is a leak somewhere and the compressor is working I think its either the bag a valve or a leaking hose.
Replaced the strut right side. The warranty covered it and the dealership will check the other 3 struts for leaks or any indication of deterioration.