air/fuel problem on 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

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this is an 1989 , 2-8 , v-6. engine is running and idling rough. Getting a 3-3 on the diagnostic. anyone know what it means?
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It is a code 33. It has to do with thw MAF sensor. There is a TSB concerning your problem. Not knowing the repair history. There is a conversion of replacing the PROM to ignore the MAF. Do not replace the MAF because with the new PROM it ignores the MAF and only bases the fuel calculations off the MAP. I know this sounds complicated. If you e-mail me at I can explain better.
Where are you getting 3-3 from/ What piece of equipment are you using? How many miles do you have on this almost 20 year old car?
car has just over 100,000 miles but is one owner and so far pretty well kept. has a 12 pin comp. which i was told to take a paperclip and jump the upper right pins and the check engine light would flash 2 sets of numbers which would be the diag. code. seems to work. called around but autozone nor advanceauto has the scanner. trying to see what kind of money it's going to take since this is an older vehicle.