1993 Buick Regal Q&A

1993 Buick Regal Question: airconditioning

Where is the rechage port to refuel my ac? and is it possiable to find some one with r-12? -
Answer 1
I have a 1994 buick regal and mine is by the battery. Look down behind the battery towards the engine. -
Answer 2
The service port is on the LOW-suction line of the system (the thicker of the two lines).As far as the R-12 is concerned, I can help you with that if you are still interested. -
Comment 1
Yes I would like help, My condenser is not in great shape,and i do not want to convert to the new r-34 I just can`t afford it as i have been unemployed. And tring to get my feet back on the ground, air is not a must have as summer is almost over.Thanks Bellaz -