Mazda Mazda3 Problem Report

Mazda Mazda3 Airbag Warning Light Illuminated

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Damaged wiring to the seat belt pre-tensioner sensor may cause the Airbag Warning Light to illuminate.

Airbag warning light won't go off even if you put the seatbelt on and stays on all the time on passenger side. Looking for someone who knows how to fix this on the cheap -
Airbag light on instrument panel stayed on constantly. Read forums on the internet and found that the bulb in the dash for the passenger airbag light had blown, replaced bulb, airbag light on instrument panel went out. $6 fix!!! -
This is the second time my car has had this problem in the last two years. When it airbag warning light illuminated stayed on, i took it to the madza dealer and they told me it was warranted and repaired it at no charge. They found that the spring had slipped off sensor. Now again the light has came on and i do not understand how a safety feature came just malfunction so easily without any damage to it and i fear that the bag may open on me. I no longer had any warranty on my car and feel that with a safety issue like this it should not malfunction without a cause and should have to be covered at no charge even after the car warranty has expired. -
The airbag light came on 4 years ago . I took it to dealer , they charged 300 for diagnostics and then about 400 for repair. It was ok for 6 months and after the warranty of their repair was over the light came back on :-( .i hadto spend about 300 $ again to repair it. Now it's back on, and I haven't bothered to repair it -
for a while horn didn't work - now passenger airbag light is on all the time -
the dealership service dept noted that the airbag is functional but the light itself is the problem. we decided to just let it stay that way. -
Airbag light will not go off. -
Passenger occupancy sensor shorted out, in turn shorting out the main airbag control unit. Total cost $1300 -
Same problem. Also the passenger airbag light behind the gear shift comes on randomly. Even when there is no weight on the passenger seat. -
Air bag ,warning light will turn on for periods of a few days then go off. -
Suddenly light came on, disconnetionn battery did not solve it -
Airbag Warning Light Illuminated Not fixed yet -
airbag warning sign is illuminated -
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