Lincoln LS 2002-Airbag light on 2002 Lincoln LS

I had something setting beside my seat on the drivers side and when I got out of the car I forgot it was there and the seat automatically moved forward and the item got stuck between the seat and edge,on the switches on the seat. Ever since the airbag light stays on. How can I fix this?

by in Newport, TN on April 08, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 09, 2009
What probably happened is you damaged wiring to the side airbags that are in the seat back. It is best to have the system scanned and see what airbag code is present and follow diagnosing from there. You may have to remove the seat and since it is a power seat, you will need to move it back and forth to expose and remove the bolts, then disconnect the battery prior to working on the wiring. There is also wiring for the seat belt pre-tensioner and that maybe what is turning the airbag light on. All repairs to wiring should be soldered and sealed to prevent corrosion, you need to guarantee the air bag will work, other wise you can be liable if it does not work and someone is hurt. If you have damaged the wiring connector, you may have to try to purchase one from the dealer, don't be surprised if you have to buy a whole wiring harness. Be Careful. Good luck.
ANSWER by on March 01, 2010
you have no side airbags as was suggested. Possibly your airbag was stolen.
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