Airbag removal and replacement on 1997 Volkswagen Golf

I need to remove the airbag in order to replace the wiper switch. Are there screws there that need to be replaced?

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Do not work on the air bag system without having the battery disconnected for more than 15 minutes or the air bag could deploy and ensure the keys are out of the ignition or you may set an air bag code.
Instructions say remove steering wheel cover, remove air bag connector, remove the air bag, remove the center steering wheel nut, it says replace the allen head bolts then remove the steering column covers. Mark the steering wheel orientation to the steering column splines prior to removing the steering wheel. I think VW give 1 to 1.2 hour to replace the switch.
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The strange vw steering wheel hub is press fit on the end of the steering column. it is a cone with a small shoulder no bolt holes. Go to your local auto parts store and rent a power steering pump pully remover (sounds strange) When you get home be prepared with a large c-clamp or hose clamp to squeeze the arms of the hub puller against the sides of the strange vw steering wheel hub.