airbag light stays on. a/c stop working, and power windows stop working on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

start car to go to work airbag light stays on,the a/c fan not working and the power windows not working. checked fuses all look good, please help

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You will need to perform an electrical diagnosis of this problem, which requires a wiring diagram, voltmeter and electrical diagnostic experience. If you have these 3 things, then you have a shot, if not, I suggest you take it to a repair shop. Good Luck!
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i had the same problem with my '04 and it was a bad ignition switch
my 2002 pt cruiser did this today too,, any luck as to whats wrong ?
replaced ignition switch, that was not the problem.
had another shop look at it and found a blown breaker in a line located in dash
when i know for sure i will let ya know
check seat belts. i had this problem in a 08 pt. The part attached to the seat. not the belt itself. there is a bad sensor in there. airbag only activates if seat senses pressure(passenger) light comes on reminding you to buckle up too? did on mine. thought i had a ghost rider with me then dealer replaced mine under warranty and light hasnt been on since.
cooling fan is bad. check with a test light it has two speeds try that worked for me.
We have exactly this problem right now too. How did you fix it? Thanks.