airbag on 2006 Kia Sorento

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my husband hit a small pole last night, on front bumper. The airbag deployed. This morning the car wouldnt start, got a jump and still will not turn over. sounds like its going to but doesnt. i was told that there may be a sensor, or some process that needs to be done to remove/replace or otherwise to the airbag before it can start. Give me examples of why this is so. He didnt hit it very hard so i dont think its engine problems. please respond with feedback.
thank you
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I would check the Starting and Charging system. I hit a deer once and I did not think it was as big deal, but it cracked my battery and the next morning, the car would not start because the battery was damaged. Also there are some impact sensors that will cause a car not to start even after a minor collision, they are called inertia sensors.
I would have a complete systems scan done on the vehicle in addition to the work recommended above, so you know exactly what is going on.

Good Luck!