Air vent problem on 1998 Toyota Camry

Air no longer comes out at the feet nor at the windshield for defrost. It does come from the driver and passenger side vents and the middle vents. I do still have heat and cold but something's amiss with the air flow to these 2 areas. Do I need to take apart the dash to get to whatever it is I need to fix, repair or replace?

by in Henderson, NV on March 23, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 24, 2011
Sounds like a problem with the blend door mechanism. (A system made to redirect the airflow based on the dash control for heat, defrost, etc.) It could be an issue with the acuator, the blend door itself, or the control. Be prepared to tear the dash down to the firewall to diagnose the problem and make repairs.
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