air suspention problem...... on 2002 Lincoln Navigator

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My 2002 Navigator 4X4 is in pain. Air suspension pump doesn't shut off it runs until the light pops up on the dash to check suspension and after that it wont come on at all. Could anyone tell me if the level switch could be at fault or is it something else. Is there a way to check the codes using the ignition key. Thank you!!!
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There is no way to check the codes using the key. And, you'll find tons of folks scared to figure this pretty basic system out.
The compressor relay could be at fault - they are fairly common for your Navigator. However, if the compressor is running and running, it could be causing it unnecessary wear, which may have already taken its toll. A good test is in order with the proper diagnostic tool. If the compressor runs and runs, it could be that it is not producing enough could be that there is a leak at the drier (which dries condensation and distributes the air to the 4 air springs), there could be a leak at a solenoid or an air spring. A good physical inspection is in order, and a good diagnostic test with the right equipment. My money is on the compressor relay (and possibly compressor itself). Keep in mind that you are in a higher corrosion state and that the rubber components of your air suspension do not in any way get along with road salt! Good inspection of your air springs is in order to make sure there are no leaks.
where is the relay located on the 2002
Passenger side, forward and below the compressor/drier.
My 2001 expedition don't know the location of air compressor relay.
Your Air Springs could be leaking air pressure.