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1999 Lincoln Town Car Question: air suspension pump runs a lot

My town car's suspension system leveling pump has recently started running within minutes of starting the car and runs about every 10-15 minutes for about 2-3 minutes. -
Answer 1
It sounds like you may have an air leak from the air suspension. A visual inspection will often reveal the fault - cracked air line or air spring. If not you may need to spray the components with soapy water to find the leak. -
Answer 2
I had the same problem on my 1999 Town Car, it kept running until it eventually overheated and blew the 30A fuse. I ordered a conversion kit from Strutmasters.com and installed it. It only took an hour or so with simple tools. I looked at replacing the air shocks, but they were $500 per and will eventually leak again in the future so I decided to convert. Good Luck. -
Comment 1
Thanks. The bags were leaking I had them both replaced for $572 parts and labor at a loacl Goodyear store. -
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Sagging suspension can be a result of air suspension struts and/or drier leaking air. These type of air leaks can lead to failure of the air suspension compressor.
My air suspension is not working properly will it matter if I do not get it repaired. I was quoted $700 and it is out of my price range right now