2004 Audi Allroad Quattro Q&A

2004 Audi Allroad Quattro Question: Air Suspension Disconnection

I would've followed up my own question with this one, but it doesn't look like that is allowed. I see where someone else had some wacky air suspension problems and so do I, where I hear the air pump in the back come on sometimes, I can't seem to raise the car. Sometimes it looks like it tries and then it doesn't work. Sometimes the dash light comes on without me touching a button. Not sure if the car is even level. Although I'm considering eventually having a conversion kit installed, I have 2 questions for now. 1. With the cost of gas going up again, I was wondering if the pump causes significant fuel usage when it keeps turning. 2. In looking at the manual, I can see that the air suspension is on 2 separate fuses, with a few other things. The second fuse that it's on is for the navigation system (which I don't have) and automatic headlight adjustment (which is also resides on another fuse in addition to this one). Would it be a bad idea to just pull the fuse to stop this thing from going nuts? The other fuse that the air suspension is on, I just wouldn't touch, as there are waaay too many things on that fuse line. -
Answer 1
Engine or electrical demand isn't going to be noticeably reflected in gas mileage.I don't know much about your Audi but there are aftermarket Bilstien shock/spring conversion kits for fancy Range Rover and Jaguar suspensions that fail. May be best to post your question on an Audi specific forum. -