Air suspension compressor turns on by itself with the key off. on 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer SS

I had to pull the fuze to stop this .

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Had it scan tested?
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Does the level drop after you pull the fuse ? It's coming on for a reason, or a short in the system. It needs to be checked to find the reason for the issue.
Also when this happens the compressor switch light comes on.I can shut it off and then it will come back on ag.ain
Possible the level switch may be bad. Not sure just guessing.
OK thanks
I have had to change the control modules before for different reasons and the pump is attached to it so it could be the whole unit needs replaced. Have it scanned to find the proper area to start and give us the codes that we might help further.
Thanks and I will send you codes if there is any
There should be if you have the suspension module scanned.
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