Air suspension and bushings on 2006 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

I'm getting ready to change the lower arm bushings on my 2006 Ranger Rover Sport and noticed that I have to dismantle the air suspension. Since I'm not very familiar with air suspensions, I was wondering if I need to be aware of any specific pre and post instructions for the proper disconnection and operation of the air suspension (after i replace the lower arm bushing). The bushings are worn out (because of 22" wheels) and I need to replace them ASAP.
I can use any advise you can give me.

Thank you.

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These job requires few special tools, including the bushing tool. It's safer to do it from a lift. I'd suggest to take it to a Rover specialty shop.
If you definitely want's to do it yourself I can send you instructions, but you need to post an e-mail.

Hi Zee,
Thanks for the reply and the info. My email address is

I appreciate your help and instructions.

Check your e-mail, please.
Be careful and double check everything, make sure all the fasteners are torqued to specs.
Good luck with the repair.

Will do.