1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Q&A

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Question: air ride system

problems with air ride system -
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What is it doing or not doing? -
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If you have problems with your air ride, my advise is to get rid of it! Take it off all together and call Strutmasters.com. It will save you time and money.. My kit was only about a third of what I would have had to pay for the air replacement. Its great to not have to worry about your air going down before you get home. -
Answer 3
change out the system with StrutMasters for $450 and 4hrs labor. You will never have to deal with that problem again, and the ride is great. I did on my 96 LSC -
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Sagging suspension can be a result of air suspension struts and/or drier leaking air. These type of air leaks can lead to failure of the air suspension compressor.