air ride suspension on 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

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why does the air bags on the car lower all the way to the groung when in gear or be aired up till you start the car or the air bags will engage when you start car but with in 2 mins the air bags lower or loose air why
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The air suspension is made up of a compressor that creates the air, the drier that dries the air of moisture and distributes the air through 4 tubes to the 4 wheels, lines that go to each wheel, a solenoid at each wheel that opens and closes to allow air in and out of the air springs, the air springs themselves, and height sensors at each wheel. Then, there is the control module that makes it all happen.

The compessor will not only pump air into the air springs, but will vent it when they get too full.

If they go down after being up, it could be that cracks in the springs get exposed as they start inflating, causing the gross leak.

Or you could have a leaking drier. Just some thoughts. A good system diagnosis is in order.