Air Rear Suspension is not working on 2001 BMW X5

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Rear of the vehicle is slammed all the way and will not raise up. Rear Suspension is Inactive code on dash. I replaced the relay on the electronic air pump, but it did not fix the problem.
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Can you hear the compressor when you open the door? If not Check the 30A fuse inside the right hand side cover inside the boot door. If its ok then its probally the compressor. The solution is to replace it, however you can take it out and take off the rear electric motor cover and clean the motor brushes and this should get it working again
my rear suspension is leaking from the bottom
Most likely a leaking airbag

With the rear raised, ignition on to engage the pump, spray detergent around the airbag and look for leaks
2001 bmw x5 air suspension drop how do I fix it