Air Pump Relay on 1999 Volvo V70 XC

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My Air Pump Relay/Fuse is missing, car will start fine sometimes but it seems to not start as well when it is hot. I do not know why the relay is missing,it sounds like I have an exhaust leak, not sure if someone has taken out the cat. conv.I just bought the car, I do believe that my ABS Module is also Bad. Thanks to you fellas, I`m starting to learn a little. After reading on this site. I have not yet replaced/repaired my ABS yet, Should I put a relay in the Air Pump Spot and see what happens ?
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This car has been tampered, the missing relay is too hide a another air injection system problem, most likely a seized air pump motor. I would contact the South Carolina Dept of Consumer affairs and report this incident. Someone sold you an unsafe car, i.e. no ABS and all. I would have a real shop deal with the ABS and the exhaust Air Injection issues. Have it properly diagnosed and repaired.

here are some shops: