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2007 Toyota Tundra Question: air pump problem?

check engine light came on,toyota garage put new part on,worked good 2 days ,check engine light came back on, lost all power, Toyota garage has it for 8 days now and all they say is that the part they put on is not working with the system. Could you tell me what it could possibly be, I dont think they know , by their reaction, thanks Ken -
Answer 1
If the check engine light is on it has to have a Diagnostic trouble Code (DTC), so in order to be able to help you I need to know the code, which is 4 digits starting with the letter P and the dealer should give it to you. By saying all power lost what exactly do you mean (power as electrical or drivability)? http://www.TRANSARTNC.com -
Answer 2
If it was a P2445 code then it is the air pump. There are two of them. Mine had water in one of them. I went to the Toyota dealership and they wanted $1071 each. That was just for the part. The labor was extra. I disconnected the air pump and the check engine light still comes on but the truck doesn't go into limp mode. At least so far. -
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