Nissan Murano Problem Report

Nissan Murano Dirveability Concerns Due to Detached Air Intake Tube

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Various drivability problems may be caused by the air intake tube attached to the air cleaner box coming loose. Nissan has recalled 2003-2007 models for this concern. For more information on this recall please click here»

the air intake tube kept coming loose- especially after oil changes. Extremely dangerous because when I would go from a stop to pulling out into traffic, the Murano would lurch forward a bit and just keep stopping and starting and barely moving. Fortunately it was recalled and got it fixed for free. -
Had to have the car towed as a result of this problem. -
Vehicle was stalling at stops and during initial acceleration. Checked the air intake tube and it was detached. Yes after an oil change at a quick stop place. Now I check before leaving theses shops. Remember oil change guys are not mechanics they don't double check anything. Back to the problem, It was fixed by just reconnecting the tube. -
Problem for years. Finally they recalled it. -
Same problem. My wife took it to an oil change place and the problem started a couple of days later. I checked the intake tube, and it was detached. Slid it back on and the problem went away. Thanks for the tip. I may have been searching for the cause for a while. -
Car would not start randomly and a check under the hood and re attachment and the car started. -
While driving the intake pipe loosens and the vehicle stalls. Replaced clamp with more robust clamp When having a oil change and filter replacement bring this to the attention of the technician otherwise they will not fully tighten clamp -
jump rpms,very lood noise when driving fast. My murano loose every 2 month,needed to see a delar. -
All of a sudden the engine shut off and will not start -
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