Air Injection System Pump on 1999 GMC Jimmy

I stall when coasting to a stop .It will start right back up . If it's my Air Injection System Pump , where might that be located ? It's not even mentioned in the stupid Hayes Manual . I've heard under the driver side of engine , but , that has not helped out a whole lot .

by in Middle Grove, NY on September 19, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 19, 2010
I am not sure how the Air Injection System Pump would cause you to stall out. It should only come on when your truck is 'stone cold ' started and only runs for about 100 seconds. here is an explanation of the Air Injection System code P0410 and how the system works. I would inspect for codes in your engine computer and go from there.
COMMENT by on September 19, 2010
Yeup...been there.done that ..... The reason for the AIR pump system is because the hot exhaust gas by itself is not enough to complete the burning of the exhausted gas mixture. When the air pump system is working properly, it will allow the continued burning of the fuel mixture as it travels down the exhaust system and eventually out the tailpipe. Symptoms of an electric AIR pump malfunction: * Poor Idle * Service Engine Soon (SES) light illuminates * Trouble code from a computer scan displays code P0410 * Increased Oxides of Nitrogen NOx emissions * Corroded electric motor * Failed vehicle emission test * Frozen motor
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