Air flow meter on 2002 Nissan Pathfinder

My SUV run very well however there are times (very few) when suddenly the engine turn off. I started the engine again and run pretty well. I took it to a Nissan Repair shop and they determine that the Air flow meter is damaged. Do you think that the cause mentioned above could be that the Air flow meter is damaged? What other reason do you believe could be?

by in Orlando, FL on October 03, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 26, 2009
My experience has been that a bad MAF sensor will cause the engine to run poorly, not all of a sudden turn off. However it is possible, the MAF (airflow meter) has a big influence on the fuel and ignition systems. There are MAF Sensor cleaners available, I would try this first and see if it helps. Was there a check engine light on? Were there any diagnostic codes stored in the engine control module?
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