2002 Ford Expedition Q&A

2002 Ford Expedition Question: air conditioning unit will n ot hold charge

I had the air conditioning unit charges. The cool air gradually decreased over two weeks. Mechanic can not find leak is there another likely cause other than leak? Can you recommend a mechanic in my area? -
Answer 1
This is likely due to a small leak in the A/C system. Small leaks can be very difficult to locate. The best way I have been able to find them is to add leak detection dye when you recharge the system. Then after two weeks when it has leaked out, you use a special light to detect the dye, and this will pinpoint the leak. One component that is very difficult to find a leak in is the evaporator. It is behind the dashboard and it's hard to look at it without pulling the dashboard. Give Greg a call, I'm not sure if he does A/C repair, but let him know we sent you and be sure to rate his work if they look at your Expedition: http://repairpal.com/directory/290340-gregs+automotive+service -