Air conditioning problem on 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

The air conditioning on my beetle only works at high speeds and when I stop the compressor turns off. Anyone knows what could be the problem. I have already charge the system.

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I have the same problem - a/c clutch only engages at about 1800rpm and above and blows nice cold air . when the RPM drops below 1500-1800 the clutch dissengages and air gets warm (of course) - A/C pressures are normal when engaged, static pressures are normal as well. Fan's work correctly, no blown fuses. CTS is reading accuratly. NOTE - No CEL or codes , no fast idle when cold, no fast idle when A/C button is depressed.

When you say "high speeds", are you referring to the vehicle speed or the blower fan speed?
Vehicle speed. Just as soon as I stop the air stops and just as soon as move again the air works and it ids cold.
Could be a loose belt.Check belt for tension.When was the last time you changed belts?