air conditioning not working on 1999 Ford Expedition

I went to sears to have my system charged on my 1999 Ford expedition and they said either the compressor or condenser is not working in the vehicle? Any ideas? I need to get working before hot temps hit out here like 110 ouch!

by in Hemet, CA on February 04, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 04, 2011
Compressor or condenser - definitely two distinctively different components. I'm going to imagine they mean the compressor is not working. This can be because of multiple reasons - as simple as a cycle switch failure, a high pressure cut off switch, or wiring. As complex as the compressor itself, the coil or clutch of the compressor. I strongly recommend having a qualified technician inspect your air conditioning system. That's a link to some shops near you. Good luck!
COMMENT by on February 05, 2011
Actually it hasn't been in this climate LOL I just acquired the vehicle from a family member who lives by the beach and she never used the a/c , this vehicle for its age only has 100k miles. So I was just trying to get some idea of the cost factor. I'm hoping it is just a switch or so, Thank u Dave you gave me an honest and knowledgeable answer. Maybe I should move by the beach then i wont have to worry about it. :)
COMMENT by on February 06, 2011
Hi Dave, We have kinda figured out that it could just be the flap because the heater is acting kinda same way, but back is working fine! My husband says compressor is working we do have cold air just not super cold.
COMMENT by on February 07, 2011
A suggestion that you can check out first hand -- your air conditioning compressor is working just fine if the hoses by the accumulator (kind of towards the back of the engine compartment on the passenger side, that go into the firewall eventually...where the evaporator is located...) are good and cold to the touch. If they are cool only, or are warm even, then you have an issue where the system is not operating cold enough. So, if it is truly cold under the hood, then you could have the temperature blend door problem you are referencing. Continued good luck!
ANSWER by on February 06, 2011
You can let dave paint a pretty picture! The reality is your compressor is bad. TAKE IT TO A A/C shop that will tell you the real truth. It appears you really do not want the real truth. Has your hubby hooked A/C gages and properly diagnose the compressor???????????
COMMENT by on February 06, 2011
I dont want you opinion, and im not asking you! I dont talk to angry people like yourself u obviously have issues! Leave my questions alone! I am not at liberty to answer any questions from u , u have a serious ego issue . Take a hike! Oh by the way I just copied and pasted this off this website! Learn about the issues in the 99 s before jumping to conclusions! "The heating/air conditioning temperature and air delivery mode door actuators may fail causing an abnormal noise or erratic operation" . whatever the problem we certainly dont need a ego dude trying to play hero!
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