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2003 Volkswagen Jetta Question: air conditioning not working

I just replaced the battery and after that the air conditioning doesn't work just blows hot air. Had an estimate for repairs. They said it was the compressor and would have to replace a lot of parts which costs over $1,500. The compressor never made any noise before the air conditioning quit working. Shouldn't it make noise? Also, could it be something to do with the relay switches? It's odd that the battery quit and the air conditioning quit at the same time. There's also, a part in the front of the car that seems to keep spinning when the car is turned off. Could that have anything to do with it? -
Answer 1
It sounds like your cooling fan is running constantly, which would indicate that possibly an Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is acting up, or a Cooling fan relay is stuck, both of which are common on VW. If the Coolant Sensor is acting up, it will shut down the A/C system because the extra work demanded by the A/C Compressor heats up the engine. Do you ever have a Check Engine Light? This system is involved with the control of the A/C. See if you have any P0118 type of codes. I would go to a shop who is aware of these issue with your Volkswagen. http://repairpal.com/directory?address=93274&car_brand_names=Volkswagen -
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This was right on the money; p0118 $22 part on my car. almost ripped out the compressor.. great succinct answer. -
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