Air Conditioning light on 2003 Mercedes-Benz C230

I own a 2003 c230 Kompressor now i got an A/C problem like few days ago the A/C blows hot air. Today what happened there is a A/C button to on/off the A/C now the button is not working its just ON the red light which mean the A/C is off now i dont know if there is FREON gas problem or somthing else so can anyone help me out please .....

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This will require an inspection by person that has experience with A/C systems. It can be many things causing this but an inspection should uncover the problem.
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I have a similar situation, altho I realize that I'm a year behind you. I would very
much appreciate knowing the outcome of your problem, as it could save me a
lot of money at my Dealership.
Air Conditioning Fault Due to Failed A/C Amplifier
The air conditioning light may flash or an a/c error message may be displayed. Our technicians tell us this is commonly due to a fault with the a/c amplifier, as revised part is available to correc...