Air conditioning gives ordor on 2007 Chevrolet Uplander

The air conditioning in my uplander gives a stale smell, and I was told that it might be the condensation tray is full of water and not draining, but I can't find the hose that will allow the water to go to the ground so that I can make sure the water is going away..

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I just looked at the parts illustration it does not show the location of the "drain hose" but the blower motor and heater/air conditioning housing is behind the passenger dash area. You may need a flashlight and looking in from the passenger door opening, pull back the carpet a little at the firewall area of the passenger foot well area and look for the hose that allows evaporator condensation to drip to the underside of the vehicle. Spray some Lysol disinfectant in the air ducts to kill the bacteria and let the blower run on high a few minutes later. There is a cabin air filter behind the dash as well perhaps it needs to be changed and antibacterial spray sprayed into the cabin air filter housing.
i hope this works because i have 5 uplanders i use for work that are doing this, thank you for the info